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GringoJago back on Newgrounds after 5 year break!

2013-02-18 06:55:15 by GringoJago

Hello Newgrounders,
just a quick hi to say I've been away from the site for nearly 5 years and finally returned and re-activated my account,
I hope to make some cool animations down the road and look forward to viewing some cool stuff in the portal, heck I might even check out my old "Goku the Real Story"series for a bit of a chuckle.
Cheers, GringoJago.


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2013-02-18 20:59:14



2013-04-07 03:27:26

Holy fuck I never thought I'd see you again on this site lol damn 5 years thats a long ass time. It would be awesome if you continued or made a spin off of goku the real stories. That series was funny as hell I had alot of laughs through the whole thing great to see you back again look forward to new flashs from you.